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Discover The Ultimate Team Builder Program System...30Days2Freedom!
30Days2Freedom is a 'FEEDER' System that represents an affordable way for people who are interested in joining and receiving the benefits of travel, and shopping with the $20 Dollar Travel Biz but need help getting started. We realize that for some people the initial start up cost is a little steep during these dire economic times.
With 30Days2Freedom 'Feeder' System anyone can now get started for only $35 ONE-TIME out-of-pocket fee and with just a bit of effort be able to LEVERAGE that into enough funds to activate a position in the $20 Travel Biz at the Platinum Level. (See details page).
What you are looking at right now is a perfect combination of an amazingly quick and simple lead-in program - FoundersTeam and one of the most lucrative income opportunities to come along in a generation - My $20 Travel Biz.  To really maximize the benefit, we have built in a referral bonus for those who really want to move.
Please preview the pages of this website, then take a close look at the $20 Travel Biz business opportunity and become a part of the most exhilarating journey to come along in years.
2 x 2 Matrix Feeder System
Level # Of Members  Earning Total
1 2 - -
2 4 $35.00 $140.00

Complete 2x2 Matrix Board And:

Earn $35 Bonus (Your money back)!
Earn $5 Referral Bonus!

Get Paid Into $20 Travel Biz As Platinum ($100 value)!



The Ultimate 'Feeder' System
One-Time $35.00 to join!
Quick-Fill 2x2 Forced Matrix!
LEVERAGE efforts into $20 Dollar Travel Biz!
Great incentives to continue recruiting!
Consistent training and opportunity webinars!


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